Lavender Citronella Bug Spray

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Mosquitoes making your hike unbearable? Then this is swat you need! Our bug spray is an all natural way to keep the bugs at bay. This spray is made with lemon eucalyptus essential oil, which according to the CDC, is the best natural alternative to deet, along with lavender, citronella, and cedar essential oils. It's quickly absorbed and doesn't have a greasy residue or leave you with that "icky" feeling you get from traditional bug sprays.

This has been field tested by a hard working crew that spends their days in the prairies and forests of Illinois restoring them to their natural state. When it comes to bug spray, this is what they use and the deet stays in the truck. So relax and go enjoy the outdoors. Whether it's hiking your favorite trail or just spending the night watching the stars, this spray is really going to tick off the bugs!

Comes in a 4oz spray bottle.  A perfect size for a back pack or a pocket!

Pet safe!